Blue Lace Agate bracelet

Blue Lace Agate is an ancient style of jewelry that has been recognized as one of the best healing stones. Blue gemstones like this gemstone are said to enhance the energy of the wearer and make them feel good. The stone can be worn in just about any jewelry set or combination to add a special touch of beauty to your overall look. These bracelets and earrings are very popular. When choosing these bracelets you will find that some of the best models are hand made by artists who truly love the color blue. Blue and White are the most popular color combinations for this gemstone and are some of the most prized pieces on the market today.

Blue Lace Agate is a powerful throat healer. Its property of counteracting releases throat infections and lymph infections, thyroid deficiencies, and neck and shoulder problems.

It eliminates blockages of their nervous system and lowers fevers, also treats bone and arthritic deformity, strengthening the system and healing cracks.

It aids the pancreas and capillaries. As an elixir, brain fluid imbalances are treated by it and hydrocephalus.

Blue Lace Agate can be employed to enhance sound healing—it focuses and transmits sound to the place.

Psychologically, Blue Lace Agate counteracts the repression and suppression of feelings that stem from fear of being judged and rejected. Judgment is often within the parent—child relationship, both in childhood and adulthood.

The throat is blocked by the dearth of self-expression and feelings are held back and might influence the torso — the feeling of suffocation. Blue Lace Agate softly melts the older pattern of repression and encourages a mode of expression. It’s useful for helping guys to release and accept feeling natures and their own sensitivity.

Mentally, Blue Lace Agate counteracts stress and assists with an expression of ideas and feelings. The energies that were peaceful exuded from this rock neutralize feelings of anger.

Spiritually, Blue Lace Agate clears the throat chakra so that the highest truths can be expressed. It is a rock that joins brings in deep peace and thought into the spiritual vibration.

ADDITIONAL PROPERTIES: Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healing stone. Its energy is relaxing and cooling, bringing peace of mind. It is particularly effective for tripping and healing the throat , allowing free expression of thoughts and feelings. It opens the way to experience of those higher energies. This is only one of the great stones that are inviting and nurturing. It neutralizes anger, infection, inflammation, and fever.

Handmade with 100% guaranteed natural healing crystals;
Decorated with small red agate crystals;
The length of this jewelry is selectable from 16 cm to 22 cm;
The crystal bead size is selectable 6mm or 8mm;
Extensible elastic cord.


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