For those who are looking for a unique and feminine gift to commemorate their zodiac, a Gemini birthstone bracelet may be the perfect choice. This zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, and while the Earth sign also tends to favor woods and earth tones, the water sign enjoys more nature-inspired looks. With this in mind, any recipient of a bracelet will certainly appreciate the natural colors and beautiful designs that a bracelet crafted from tiger eye or a birthstone can offer. As a reminder of the zodiac sign, the wearer will most likely adore the bracelet and become quite attached to it, just as many people become so attached to jewelry items in their birth sign as well.

Of course, there are many other birthstones that can be incorporated into a bracelet; perhaps one with a sapphire, or even one with the stone of a tiger eye. Tiger eye is, of course, considered the birthstone for Gemini. For those who would like a more noticeable gemstone, one with a yellowish or pinkish hue can also be used. Even the birthstone itself can be altered to have a more girly look, as in a tiger-eye clasp that has one that has a rose or a cross-shaped top

The tiger eye is a stone to protect itself and its habitats. Protects from bad eye and bad luck.
Brings a sense of energy, dynamism, communication and friendship.
Help the students in their studies.
Tiger eye is recommended for all joint problems.
These stones fight nightmares, heal angina and strengthen the heart.
Very useful for muscles when used before a sporting event.
It also fights asthma and accelerates the recovery of childhood diseases (especially cat’s eye).
Purification with salted demineralized water and reloading onto a cluster in quartz and/or sun can be performed.

Handmade with 100% guaranteed natural healing crystals;
Decorated with small red agate crystals;
The length of this jewelry is selectable from 16 cm to 22 cm;
The crystal bead size is selectable 6mm or 8mm;
Extensible elastic cord.


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