A healing stone, or the fourth astrological sign, will make a good choice for a red Jasper bracelet. It is not necessary to wear a bracelet every day; many people with this sign wear bracelets as a statement, so they may choose to only wear it when it is really necessary. In any case, this combination of colors is associated with emotion and is a good sign of being passionate and exciting. More importantly, the stone of this combination signifies joy and friendship.

As an element, the Jasper is known for the ability to sense the emotional and mental states of another. Its color is also linked to feelings of happiness and tranquility. Jasper is also known for its medicinal properties. The healing and balancing powers of this stone include helping one overcome an addiction to alcohol and nicotine, being able to balance one’s thought processes, treating anxiety, tension, and depression. Also, when the quartz piece is set in the Earth quartz setting, one will find the stone to be cleansed and become a source of strength, confidence, and balance.

One might find the use of red Jasper bracelet sets to be a very good choice if one is in a relationship. Having one’s own piece of jewelry can make a person feel more desirable, and a statement of love and life. The combination of love and energy is an excellent way to express oneself, and as one’s heart begins to open, the natural tendency is to feel good about oneself.

Common sources: India, Brazil
Astrological associations: Aries, Taurus

Jasper soothes epilepsy and heals gout.
In cases of blood problems (particularly anemia), move a piece of jasper over your veins. Never use a tourniquet.
Kidney stones will be reduced in a few days by treating them with jasper.
Digestive problems will be soothed with jasper water (let the stone soak in demineralized water overnight). Jasper strengthens the stomach, enhances digestion, and calms nausea and vomiting. It also stops nosebleeds and reduces hemorrhoids.
Jasper protects people from bewitchment. It is conducive to happy pregnancies.
It is also a powerful aphrodisiac and a regenerator of sperm, especially when it is combined with garnet or topaz. Jasper amulets in the form of a penis have been found in many ancient civilizations.


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