Sunstone is a sun-dried mineral that is mined in the mountains of Hungary. It has a very lovely texture and sparkle which make it a very desirable jewelry stone for jewelry designers. Because of its unique, silver-grey color, sunstone was primarily a birthstone of young couples in ancient times. The healing power of sandstone has been used in healing and balancing the body for centuries. Many cultures use sunstone as a primary healing stone. One example is the Amazonian people who believe that the stones help with the balancing of their bodies. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the earth’s magnetic field protects them from illnesses.

Some cultures still believe that sunshine can protect against disease, especially from the sun. They believe that by wearing the stone at all times, they are giving protection against bad luck. This belief may have some truth to it since sunstone does not have a high healing power. However, sunstone does have some healing properties. It can be used to purify the blood, promote good health, improve the way the eyes look, help with weight loss, relieve pain, ease inflammation, remove emotional stress, and heal broken bones. In addition, sandstone can be used to cleanse the body of impurities and remove toxins. It can also be used to combat liver problems, colic, colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

If you want to take your healing abilities to a new level, sunstone could be just the stone for you. With its unique healing properties, sandstone can be used in healing crystal jewelry to enhance the qualities of your crystals. Wearing sunshine jewelry, you will find it easy to feel connected to yourself and others. Using sunstone crystals to help you balance your emotions and strengthen your aura will help you achieve more inner peace.


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