Tourmaline bracelet

A tourmaline bracelet is a unique healing stone that can help to restore the clarity of the skin. Tourmaline is a gemstone that is naturally transparent and when it comes in contact with the skin, it appears to have that milky appearance. It does not absorb any light and therefore it actually turns out to be darker than it actually is. This darkening effect has been discovered to be beneficial in terms of bringing about a calming effect on the skin and making it look more radiant.

Tourmaline does have a healing property and it can also act as a restorative element for wounds. It is perfect for acne, cuts and burns as it heals the affected area and smooths the surface of the skin. In the same way, the quartz counter is perfect for burns as it acts as a soothing agent for burns that have become infected. The healing power of the crystal is most commonly seen in the healing stone of the same name. If you want to have your own bracelet, you will need to purchase the tourmaline and allow it to fully oxidize in a warm and clean environment.

Once you have done this, you will need to place the bracelet on your wrist and allow it to fully oxidize. After you have done this, you should allow the stone to dry completely before wearing it. This will help to bring about the healthiest effect and will help to enhance the healing power of the stone. You will find that the effect is best when the natural color of the bracelet has been darkened slightly, but it will still be completely dark enough to make the stone shine. This is because the brilliance of the gemstone depends on the degree of darkening. Once it has completely dried, you will need to allow the tourmaline to heal properly before wearing it.

Tourmaline can be used to apply pressure to the painful areas by focusing the useful energy of the tourmaline on a specific area. The area to be treated can also be used as a magnifier to focus the sunlight. This should be stopped just before the heat starts to burn or if you feel discomfort. This action is comparable to the way the burning of Chinese herbal sticks works.
Tourmaline is used especially for movement discomfort.
It improves nephritis and gives shine and shine to nails and hair.
It also allows children to learn to walk.
Tourmaline also enhances the sense of smell. In this respect, it also increases the perception of pheromones, which create a definite aphrodisiac effect.
Tourmaline can neutralize the harmful rays of computers and microwave ovens. These machines must be adhered with a piece of tourmaline with adhesive tape.

If you are angry or feel hostility towards someone, it is very important that you do not use tourmaline, especially red.

Treatment: demineralized salt water Charging: solar and / or quartz clusters


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