Green Apatite bracelet

The Green Apatite (Koh-pah-tee) is a special kind of mineral. It is not an igneous rock, as it contains little amounts of magma. Instead, the best kind of explanation would be that it is a form of crystalline rock that has very high amounts of iron. The Green Apatite, like many other minerals, is often associated with the healing stone and crystal quartz. This metal-free mineral is a powerful healer of energy. Although it is believed to have various medicinal properties, some people use it in jewelry.

The Koh-pah-tee, though, is also commonly used in spa settings and at home. The “spa” that it is used in is a sauna, where its infrared-enhanced heat allows the skin to warm up. The Stone’s infrared-enhanced glow removes toxins and minerals from the body. And, in addition to the sauna or bathing experience, it can also be applied to the scalp to promote an increase in hair growth. The Green Apatite is also used in conjunction with other stones and crystals for enhanced skin and energy-raising experiences. These healing stones and crystals often have healing properties and therefore are thought to have healing properties in their own right. As a result, they are often combined to create a truly effective healing and balancing effect.

In spa settings, for example, the Green Apatite is used together with stones like gold, white gold, and silver. In addition to attracting natural light and electricity to the sauna’s features, the Golds work with the Green Apatite to remove toxins and other harmful elements from the sauna. The stones of this particular group of healing stones are often also used in working with various metal alloys. For instance, gold is often combined with sapphire, lapis, and mother of pearl. Working with these stones, one can learn how to absorb different metals into the body and how to use various metals in conjunction with the healing stone to create a completely balanced, healthy person.


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