Obsidian bracelet

If you’re looking for a fun way to make someone feel special and remember you, giving them a Capricorn Zodiac bracelet is the perfect way to show that you really care. Since the birthstone of this sign is obsidian, it makes the perfect combination. When you’re giving someone a birthday or anniversary gift, it’s important to choose the right gift based on their zodiac sign. Since obsidian is a semi-precious stone that glows in the dark, it will make a beautiful bracelet. Each color in the stone signifies a different sign and you can be sure that the person who receives your gift will love it. Plus, if you’re a Capricorn yourself, it’s a perfect way to show that you care about someone special.

Since Capricorn is one of the signs that’s associated with new beginnings, giving someone a gift like an obsidian bracelet is a great way to remind them of how far they’ve come. Since obsidian is unique and glow in the dark, it’s perfect for gifts like this. You can also use it as a good luck charm. If you’re giving someone a birthday gift, it’s always nice to include a gemstone that will show that you appreciate their efforts. If you have someone in your life who is a Capricorn, make them feel special and show that you care.

The Aztecs used to make an ointment to heal the scars containing obsidian dust, in fact they believed that the same item that made weapons could heal wounds. Although there was no contact between the Aztecs and these two countries, this practice was also found in the north of France and in Belgium.
Flint dust or obsidian was mixed with rabbit and chamomile oil according to various secret recipes that women magicians and local healers jealously protected.
Looking at the black obsidian for half an hour every day for seven days will help us to get to know ourselves better. The mental mirror effect puts us in deep contact with ourselves. It activates the will, especially in cases of depression, but does not improve depression itself. For this effect, you can add a rock crystal to it.
Black obsidian is a solid bond with the main soil, protective, shield plays the role. Black obsidian helps to expand one’s sense of consciousness.
It also helps relieve cervical spondylosis.

No purification required. Reinstall a quartz set and / or sun.


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