Feldspar bracelet

The Feldspar bracelet is a very versatile piece of jewelry. It’s been used as a healing stone for thousands of years and is very commonly used today as well. The Feldspar is so closely related to the Lapis Lazuli that many cultures even use the two together. What is the reason for this? The healing properties of these two stones are similar but distinct. We will look at some of the properties and advantages of these two stones today.

Feldspar and Lapis Lazuli are both closely related to healing stones. Both stones come from rocks and inks. Feldspar is a combination of two minerals: hematite and malachite. Hematite is rich in zinc and copper while malachite is rich in iron. Together these two elements give the Feldspar its unique properties. These include increased blood flow, enhanced heart health, and reduction of allergies. Feldspar also produces a stronger immune system and increased energy levels.

The healing properties of these two stones are complimented by the crystal blue or greenish white color. This stone has been used to treat an array of ailments including indigestion, constipation, worms, and fatigue. Many people are now starting to use this bracelet in place of other jewelry because of its unique properties. With all of these properties, it makes a great gift for someone who just doesn’t know what to buy you. Feldspar is also excellent for someone who suffers from hemorrhoids. It is gentle on the swelling and can be put under a tampon for easy insertion. Also for hemorrhoids, it helps to increase bowel movements.

Feldspar crystal is a topmost of natural healing stones. People love it for its flexibility, sensitivity and ease of appearance. Feldspar is used for various aesthetic purposes, especially when treating burns and irritations. It is essential for cosmetic surgery and laser treatment.

Feldspar is one of the best alternatives to achieve relaxation, cheerfulness and sexual allurement. It has an air of mystery about it that makes it extremely appealing to arouse the emotions in all those who come across it. This is one reason why Feldspar is a favored alternative to psychotherapeutic therapy and psychotherapy. Feldspar helps a patient to gain a state of peace and serenity, and this in turn helps him heal and restore normalcy to his physical or mental condition. Feldspar is an excellent energy-rich stone that offers an avenue for self-knowledge, awareness and healing.

Feldspar was known to ancient civilizations from very long time. It is often incorporated in the designs of ancient monuments, in some cases in the form of stippled stones. The alchemists of the times of Julius Caesar found out ways to use Feldspar to work with the divine fire. Feldspar is some of the most popular in the world because of their stability and affordability. Those people who are looking for a natural cure for all kinds of skin problems can look forward to the healing power of Feldspar crystals.


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