This knotted mala necklace with a 7cm long 925 Carat Silver tassel is handmade with:
– 66 x Lava stones,
– 28 x Tiger Eye stones and
– 14 x Malachite stones
separated with 4 x Rock Crystals and
– 1 x Tibetan Silver Guru bead
Malachite, the gemstone of choice for jewelry makers everywhere, has recently made a comeback as a natural remedy for depression. In Japan, this stone is known as a “Mala Ingle” and has been shown to help in cases of severe depression and grief. The recent study showed that Malachite users were less likely to suffer from depression in general. It was also shown that depressed women had increased activity of Malachite uptake centers in their brain compared to depressed men.

The increased levels of Malachite uptake that the Japanese researchers observed could be due to the healing properties of the stone. According to the study, people who had lost someone close to them in a fire were more likely to have Malachite stones. The stones then acted as a catalyst in the brain to help restore positive thoughts, thoughts that then helped people to recover. This same healing ability was found in the brain scans of the depressed women, and once they were wearing the necklace daily they were less likely to suffer from bouts of depression. The researchers believe that the stones help stimulate more efficient nervous systems, which in turn boosts the healing powers of certain herbs. The healing power of the stone is due to its antioxidant properties, which are able to fend off oxidative stress. These antioxidants help the body to ward off attacks from free radicals, the cause of most ailments.

While the report doesn’t have much scientific backing, the Malachite necklace itself does. Many women like the mala necklace because it looks good and is easily worn around the neck. The latest research shows that the connection between this stone and depression is still unproven, but it is a reasonable theory to follow. Hopefully, with further studies, we can find out if this is an effective remedy, or just another fad that will just be forgotten by the public in a few years. Either way, it has already established itself as a natural healing alternative.
A Japa Mala necklace can be worn as a regular necklace or as a head piece. Japa Mala Necklaces are made from a variety of materials and colored gemstones, and each one has its own style, meaning and purpose. Japa Malas uses the energy of the sun, moon, rain, and sun during the day and they combine this energy to create a full spectrum of healing symbols. Japa Malas is wearing as a necklace to show support and in times of need. Many who wear these necklaces feel like they have lighted a candle on their path and come across a new way of looking at things.

A Japa Mala necklace can be worn by women as well as men. The healing power of the gemstone helps protect against stress and ailments. The japa symbolizes the sun, moon, rain, the full moon, earth, and angels, and is often used as a symbol for healing, meditation, prosperity, love, peace, and true love. In India, many different colors of gemstones are used for a Japa Mala necklace; the color depends on the time of day the gemstone is used.

The necklace is sometimes worn as a meditation tool to help focus your mind on your spiritual goals. A Japa Mala necklace can be worn daily or as a special time of meditation for those who want to practice self-exploration. In India, the Japa Mala is often worn as a religious item to worship the sun, moon, and stars. For women who wish to have a necklace of healing stones that has multiple healing properties, the necklace is worn every day to keep the Japa is protected from harmful radiation. The Japa is worn in times of meditation and contemplation to assist you in becoming spiritually aware, while also healing the body.


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