Prehnite bracelet

Prehnite bracelets are a type of charm bracelet that is made from the special minerals that are found in the world of Prehnite. Prehnite is the name of a group of volcanic rocks that are found in the deserts of North Africa and the Levant. These rocks are mostly brown in color, although some can be green or blue. They are sometimes referred to as “rocks with no names”. These colors are the result of the way that they are shaped, meaning that they have no unusual coloration.

Prehnite is said to be an ancient form of mineral that were created when magma cooled, and eventually solidified at a high temperature. When the rocks were hardened into stone, the crystals were different colors, including red, orange, purple, and blue. Prehnite is now mined in the Sudan, as well as in many other countries all over the world. The minerals are harvested and then ground up and used to create jewelry. Some of the minerals that are commonly found in Prehnite jewelry include tourmaline, citrine, and garnet. While most people wear Prehnite as bracelets, some prefer to wear them as a necklace, as well.

Prehnite creates a relationship between the heart and the will that all your activities are aligned with the advice of the heart. All your actions are motivated by doing what’s ideal for the good in each circumstance, when you have the ability to act from the heart. A Prehnite gemstone empowers your willpower. Peace, marriage of the will and the heart, communicating with beings.

Green prehnite is the stone to bring on a retreat, workshop or energy healing session. Prehnite healing aids one in achieving surrender, which is currently making the decision and releasing the self.


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