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Tiger Eye

  • COLOR Brown-yellow, pink, blue, red
  • APPEARANCE Banded, slightly shiny, often small and tumbled
  • RARITY Easily obtained
  • ASTROLOGY Capricorn
  • SOURCE United States, Mexico, India, Australia, South Africa
  • The #tigereye is a stone to protect itself and its habitats. Protects from #badeye and #badluck.
  • Brings a sense of #energy, #dynamism, communication and #friendship.
  • Help the #students in their #studies.
  • Tiger eye is recommended for all #jointproblems.
  • These stones fight #nightmares, heal #angina and strengthen the heart.
  • Very useful for muscles when used before a sporting event.
  • It also fights #asthma and accelerates the recovery of #childhooddiseases (especially cat's eye).
Purification with salted demineralized water and reloading onto a cluster in quartz and/or sun can be performed.

Lava stone

Lava stone (also known as basalt or lava rock) is an igneous volcanic rock. They are solidified stones from molten lava after intense heat and pressure conditions.
  • Increases #creativity
  • Helps #communicate
  • Cleans #negativity
  • Lava stone is a #grounding stone that strengthens our connections with Mother Earth.
  • It provides #stability in times of change and gives us #strength and #courage.
  • It provides guidance and understanding when we need to go back.
  • It is a #calming stone, it is very useful in alleviating #anger.
  • It creates positive changes when needed in behavioral issues.
  • Lava stone increases #fertility.
In addition, Lava stone is a great aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and take advantage of the added treatment.
All stones used in our products, unless otherwise specified, are strictly not synthetic, not plastic and not glass and are directly obtained from the nature!
Information:</br> All our products include
  • 1 spare stone,
  • 1 replacement lanyard,
  • 1 jewelry pouch
Jewelry Pouchs
  • and descriptions of the crystals
which are shipped free  with your product.
Stones cleaning and energy loading: All our products are prepared with love and positive energy and will be sent pre-cleaned, energized and activated. However, the stones lose their energy over time, and once their energy is loaded, they regain their former activity. It is recommended that you clean and load energy once a week to maintain the effects of the stones you receive. You can learn how to clean the stones and load the energy from our knowledge base.
  • Your set will be prepared for you from the natural stones and crystals we have available at the time of your order, so, there will be variations in colour, shape and texture from those shown in the images.
  • Choking Hazard - Not suitable for children under 36 months
Weight 80 g
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 cm


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