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Rose Quartz

Common sources: Brazil, India, Madagascar, South Africa Astrological associations: Taurus, Libra Chakra: heart
  • An effective #detoxification agent, rose quartz has long been considered a universal antidote to poison. But it heals physical problems due to emotional wounds.
  • A rose quartz necklace soothes heart problems due to lost love pain.
  • A powerful #aphrodisiac, this stone also stimulates the emotional imagination.
  • If you rub it gently with a polished stone, rose quartz reduces the bubbles in the skin.
  • It also reduces the appearance of ugly #scars.


  • Infected wounds, acne, depression, heart rhythm disorders (except arterial hypertension) and low libido, can be alleviated by the lala stone.
  • Sexual disorders can also be eliminated directly by applying a garnet to the genital organs.
  • Leucine relieves rheumatic and arthritic pain and some psychological disorders.
  • It also helps widows find a new husband! Not only does sorrow and emotional pain relieve pain but also help those who are desperate to return to their feet. Garnet has helped widows who have mourned for a long time and mourned again to regain their souls.
  • This stone also relaxes us when we are disappointed with love.

All stones used in our products, unless otherwise specified, are strictly not synthetic, not plastic and not glass and are directly obtained from the nature!
Information:</br> All our products include
  • 1 spare stone,
  • 1 replacement lanyard,
  • 1 jewelry pouch
Jewelry Pouchs
  • and descriptions of the crystals
which are shipped free  with your product.
Stones cleaning and energy loading: All our products are prepared with love and positive energy and will be sent pre-cleaned, energized and activated. However, the stones lose their energy over time, and once their energy is loaded, they regain their former activity. It is recommended that you clean and load energy once a week to maintain the effects of the stones you receive. You can learn how to clean the stones and load the energy from our knowledge base.
  • Your set will be prepared for you from the natural stones and crystals we have available at the time of your order, so, there will be variations in colour, shape and texture from those shown in the images.
  • Choking Hazard - Not suitable for children under 36 months
Weight 80 g
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 cm


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