Akiki™ Bloodstone Bracelet for Vitality • Alive • Revitalize - Elastic - Natural crystals - Customizable - Free jewelry pouch


A bloodstone crystal bracelet is a healing stone and works to cleanse the physical body and balance your nervous system. The bloodstone crystals help to clear your mind and the need for sleep, help you stay focused and clear emotional negativity. Because of the natural nature of the stone they are great for grounding of the physical energy and the sun also has strong healing properties as do other natural elements like water and wind. So if you are using a bracelet as part of your healing work then you may want to look for one that works with the natural elements that you would be surrounded by in your natural environment.

Bloodstone is one of the most popular stones for this purpose but there are many others that you can choose from. When choosing a bracelet with the bloodstone in it, you should look for a bracelet that is made from natural materials. You may find that the bloodstone beads are often worked by hand into the design or in a custom-designed bead for you. The quality of the materials used will tell you how strong the healing powers of the stone are and therefore the effectiveness of the bracelet.

It is possible to be healing at the same time. The healing is produced by the bloodstone crystals as a result of the natural energy flowing through the bracelet. Bloodstone can also help to balance the energies of the wearer when they are using a bracelet to help with their emotional needs. A healing stone bracelet with a combination of sun, water and earth could be quite powerful and effective for emotional healing. A combination of the stone and its accompanying gemstone can create a truly amazing healing bracelet. When you are working with a bloodstone bracelet, it is important to make sure that the stones are well aligned and that they are free from any damage or imperfections to prevent any potential damage to the wearer's health.
All stones used in our products, unless otherwise specified, are strictly not synthetic, not plastic and not glass and are directly obtained from the nature!

All our products include:
1 spare stone,
1 replacement lanyard,
1 jewelry pouch and descriptions of the crystals shipped free with your product.

Crystals cleaning and energy loading: All our products are prepared with love and positive energy and will be sent pre-cleaned, energized and activated. However, the stones lose their energy over time, and once their energy is loaded, they regain their former activity. It is recommended that you clean and load energy once a week to maintain the effects of the stones you receive. You can learn how to clean the stones and load the energy from our knowledge base.

Your set will be prepared for you from the natural stones and crystals we have available at the time of your order. So, there can be variations in color, shape and texture from those shown in the images.
Choking Hazard - Not suitable for children under 36 months

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