Akiki™ Howlite Bracelet - Elastic natural healing crystal bracelet - Customizable in length and bead size - Free jewelry pouch


Healing stones are vital in any way, and the healing power of Howlite Gemstone Bracelet can be yours too! These stones bring about a powerful healing energy that can be applied to all the areas of your life. It brings balance, harmony and peace to the body, mind and spirit. The elements of the earth, air, fire and water that it is composed of are responsible for its healing properties.

Howlite is an extremely calming stone. Placed beneath the pillow, it is a superb antidote for insomnia, especially when this is because of an overactive mind.

Howlite links into the dimensions, opening attunement and preparing the mind to get insights and wisdom. It helps journeys out of your system and past lives that are accessing. Assessing your sight into a piece of Howlite can transfer you to another time or dimension. Determined by the thirdeye, it opens memories of other lives, including those from the "between-life"* state and the religious dimensions.

Howlite formulates aspiration, both material and spiritual, and aids in achieving them. It will help to overcome a propensity to criticalness and selfishness, strengthening positive character traits. Howlite stills the mind and can be excellent for meditation or sleep. It reasoned communication to happen and enables for calm. Memory strengthens and stimulates a desire for understanding. Howlite can calm tumultuous emotions, especially those that possess past-life causes. It releases the strings that tie emotions to life that is present activates.

Howlite alleviates insomnia. The calcium levels balance in the body and aids soft tissue, bones, and teeth. Howlite makes a beneficial gem essence.

Common source: USA
Astrological association: Gemini
Chakra: crown

Handmade with 100% guaranteed natural healing crystals;
Decorated with small red agate crystals;
The length of this jewelry is selectable from 16 cm to 22 cm;
The crystal bead size is selectable 6mm or 8mm;
Extensible elastic cord.

All stones used in our products, unless otherwise specified, are strictly not synthetic, not plastic and not glass and are directly obtained from the nature!

All our products include:
1 spare stone,
1 replacement lanyard,
1 jewelry pouch and descriptions of the crystals shipped free with your product.

Crystals cleaning and energy loading: All our products are prepared with love and positive energy and will be sent pre-cleaned, energized and activated. However, the stones lose their energy over time, and once their energy is loaded, they regain their former activity. It is recommended that you clean and load energy once a week to maintain the effects of the stones you receive. You can learn how to clean the stones and load the energy from our knowledge base.

Your set will be prepared for you from the natural stones and crystals we have available at the time of your order. So, there can be variations in colour, shape and texture from those shown in the images.
Choking Hazard - Not suitable for children under 36 months

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