Libra Zodiac Bracelet - Akiki™ Natural Smoky Quartz crystal - Customizable in length and bead size - Free jewelry pouch


A Libra zodiac bracelet, if your Libra and you are interested in getting a gift or receiving a gift of any kind then this is the gift for you. The Libra zodiac sign is such a popular one for men that there are many different kinds of bracelets to choose from, as well as many different colors and designs.

One of the oldest types of gemstones used in jewelry are Smoky Quartz and Lapis Lazuli. Each of these gems has unique color patterns, size, shapes, and other features that can help a person determine if it is a genuine gemstone. For example, Smoky Quartz is very soft to the touch, has a slight shimmer in the light, and tends to be quite shiny.

If you've been using your wrists for everything since before you can remember, you will find that a Smoky Quartz Crystal Bracelet is a really great choice. The reason it is so good is because of the healing properties of the quartz, and the fact that it is a stone that's naturally neutral in tone. It is commonly used in amulets and other jewelry to help heal and calm the senses. Using these crystals can be very helpful, but because they're not exactly easy to come by in jewelry form, they're a lot more popular than they deserve to be.

Many people love these stones for their ability to help soothe nerves at different occasions. For example, when you wear them, you won't have to worry about whether or not they'll give you a headache because you'll be able to stop worrying because you can focus on your surroundings and feel peaceful. This is a great benefit if you find yourself getting frustrated a lot while working on the computer, or when you find yourself feeling overly anxious about something.

Quartz is a very common healing stone in the healing world. It works as an anti-aging medicine because it boosts the level of oxygen to the body and allows more energy to pass through the blood stream. You'll also find that quartz is a great stone for increasing sexual stamina and libido in both men and women. Because of this, many women often make use of it in their beauty regimens, and many men take it as a healing stone that can help to balance out their bodies. Using these stones, whether they're Smoky Quartz Crystal Bracelets or an ancient healing stone, you'll find that you get a lot more out of your life.
All stones used in our products, unless otherwise specified, are strictly not synthetic, not plastic and not glass and are directly obtained from the nature!

All our products include:
1 spare stone,
1 replacement lanyard,
1 jewelry pouch and descriptions of the crystals shipped free with your product.

Crystals cleaning and energy loading: All our products are prepared with love and positive energy and will be sent pre-cleaned, energized and activated. However, the stones lose their energy over time, and once their energy is loaded, they regain their former activity. It is recommended that you clean and load energy once a week to maintain the effects of the stones you receive. You can learn how to clean the stones and load the energy from our knowledge base.

Your set will be prepared for you from the natural stones and crystals we have available at the time of your order. So, there can be variations in color, shape and texture from those shown in the images.
Choking Hazard - Not suitable for children under 36 months

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